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User Guidelines

MatchEliteMuslim (MEM) User Guidelines

This information is meant to provide guidelines for users who are looking to find a suitable partner. Our application is developed for Muslim individuals who are honest, respectful, and value privacy. The MEM community has no tolerance for anyone who challenges these core requirements. Any defiance of the guidelines will result in termination of your account. However, if you follow these guidelines, we welcome you to the MEM community and hope to find you a perfect partner.
In order to guide users, we have created a list of key policies to keep users comfortable and their information safe. If you go against any of these policies, YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE TERMINATED.

MEM Does Not Allow:

Information Sharing

Sharing account ID or password are strictly prohibited. Avoid sharing personal information with other users until you feel comfortable. This may include government ID, SSN, phone, email or home address etc.

Profile Picture

Only the account holders recent picture is recommended. Exchanging a fake or altered picture with others is prohibited.

Marketing and Illegal Activities

Any business promotion or discussion of illegal activities, such as drug selling, will force MEM to suspend account.

Sexual Content

There is no tolerance for any nudity or sexual content. Our application is for genuine people who respect everyone within the MEM community. We expect that the majority of people will avoid this kind of behavior. However, any transgression of these rules will result in an instant suspension of your account.


Using information given by another user on MEM to harass them within or outside MEM is prohibited. Cyberbullying and online harassment may include threatening language, blackmail, and spreading false or private information about another user, among many other things.

Violent Content

We do not tolerate violent content, actions, or discussions. Any content that promotes terrorism, violence, or harm towards users or nonusers, directly or indirectly, is prohibited and may result in account suspension.

Discrimination Contents

Any content that discriminates based on race, disability, hatred, nationality or age are strictly not allowed.


You must be 18 years of age or older to register in MEM application. In case we identify that the user is under age, that particular user account will be deleted.

User Block and Reporting

Block feature provided for user for any reason you can block someone while chatting. Also, you can report to us via email at [email protected].